Hair Care

Hair Care



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Hair Loss Treatments

Chromatique Professional Keratin Hair Building Fibers: Complete Line
Fibrex Hair Building Fibers: Complete Line
Nutri-Ox: Complete Line


Clairol: Miss Clairol, Second Nature, Creme Toners, Beautiful Collection, Torrids, Glorious Gray, Radiance, Complements, Loving Care, Born Blonde, Jazzing, Luminize

Wella: Color Charm (liquid, gel & semi-permanent), Perfect Tone

L’Oreal: Preference, Excellence (liquid or tube), Color Gems, Feria, Aurelle

Goldwell: Complete Line

Roux: FFancy Tone, Fanciful Rinse, Lash & Brow Tint, Tween TIme

Chromatique: Made in Italy Hair Collection – Permanent, Semi, and Highlift

Bigen: True to life and long lasting color

Avigal Henna: Natural Henna Color

American International: Spray Hair Color, Youthair

Jerome Russell: Punky Color, Semi-Permanent, Spray Color

Manic Panic: Semi-Permanent, Spray Color

Satin Color: Color, Bleach, Color Care Products

Schwarzkopf Professional: Complete Line


Bleach & Developer

Clairol: BW2, BW2000, Basic White, Kaleidocolor, Pure White, Clairoxide, Lighting Activator

Wella: Fashion Frost, Wellite Powder Lightner, Wellite Cream Bleach, Forsty Wellite, Speedlite, Welloxide, Welloxon Developer

L’Oreal: Super Blue, Super Oreal Bleach, Quick Blue, Developer

Roux: White, Sheer Delight, Frosty Roulite

Chromatique: Bleach and Developer

TU-K: Ms Kay all sizes Cream & Developer, Complete Line



Pedia: Quantum, Insite, Post Impressions, Color Solutions

Zotos: Feels So Lovely, Acclaim, Acclaim Plus, Design Freedom, Warm & Gentle, Perfect Comb-Out

Lamaur: Apple Pectin

Naturelle: Natural Curl, Apple Perm, Dual Control, Omniperm

ConAir: One ‘n Only

Revlon: Great Feeling

L’Oreal: White Velvet

Wella: Vitawell

Pantresse: Pantresse Perm


Shampoo / Conditioner

Pedia: Quantom

Zotos: Acclaim

Tresemme: Balsam Hair Conditioner

4 + 4: Deep Cleansing Shampoo, Aphogee, Folicure

TU-K: Alva

Clairol: Shimmer Lights, Infusion 23, Vitapointe

Queen Helen: Garlic, Ginseng, Teatree – Complete Line

ConAir: Shiny Ultra

L’Oreal: Natures Therapy, Mermaide

Goldwell: Complete Line

Hi-Pro-Pac: Complete Line

Roux: Fermodvi Vials, Comlete Line, Porosity Control

Lusters: Complete Line

Fantasia: Ice, Complete Line

Wella: Wella In-Deep Treatment, Kolestral

Hask Placenta: Complete Line

Roberts: Hair Treatment

Revlon: Mendix, Herbal Deep Clean Shampoo

TIGI: Complete Line



Optimum: Complete Line

Revlon: Revlon Relaxer, Fabu-Laxer

Pedia: Quantum Thermal Straightening

ConAir: One ‘n Only, Thermal Ionic – Japanese Style Permanent Straightening System


Hair Stying

Lamaur: Sizing, Sprayage, Vitae-E

Fantasia: IC, Complete Line

Naturelle: Volumex

Revlon: Finishing

ConAir: Grand Finale, Foundation

Clairol: Sheer Mist

Elegance USA: Complete Line

Goldwell: Complete Line

KMS: Complete Line

Three Flowers: Brilliantine Pomade, Oil

Tresemme: Complete Line

4+4: Complete Line

Shine: Complete Line

Roux: Fanciful Mousse

Rad Crew Groom: Complete Line

Gheri Redding: Polisher

Gable: Styling Gel, Hair Lotion

Atlas: Hair Products

Queen Helen: Complete Line

TIGI: Complete Line

Schwarzkopf Professional: Complete Line


Color Accessories

Clairol: On Color- Hair Color Remover

L’Oreal: Effasol – Color Remover, Colorzap, Inerol Hair Fixer

Roux: Clean Touch

American International: Grey Magic, Lock-In Color Sealer, X-Celerate Hair, Red-Yellow-Green Out, RGC, 777